Activities - On Farm Testing (OFT)

On Farm Testing (OFT)

On Farm Testing is aimed at testing the proven technologies evolved at Research Stations on farmers’ field with their farming system perspective in view under their management and their active participation so as to convince them the relevance and viability of the new technology.

OFTs – 2019-2020

  • Assessment of Pearl millet based intercropping systems under Rainfed situation
  • Assessment of different in-situ moisture conservation methods and plant densities in Bengalgram
  • Evaluation of super Early Varieties of Redgram
  • Evaluation of Different Minor millets under Rainfed situation
  • Assessment of efficacy of potassium & zinc on productivity of redgram
  • Assessment of Phosphorus consortia for Phosphorus management
  • Evaluation of Organic Package on Yield & Pest Management in Rice
  • Assessment of rice seedling dip in Pseudomonas for blast disease management
  • Management of Fall Army Worm in Maize
  • Evaluation of different Biofungicide seed treatments for wilt and dry root rot management in Bengalgram
  • Assessing the performance of tomato hybrids Arka Samrat & Arka Abhed
  • Soil test based fertilizer management in Onion
  • Assessment of fertigation schedule in tissue culture Banana
  • Assessment of triple layer hermetic storage bags for storing
  • Assessment mango harvesters for harvesting of mango to minimize post harvest losses
  • Supplementation of bypass fat to milch buffaloes
  • Assessment of different poultry breeds at backyards
  • Feeding of balanced ration to milch buffaloes through ration balancing
  • Improving breeding efficiency in milch buffaloes through hormone treatment.