Activities - Frontline Demonstrations (FLDs)

Frontline Demonstrations (FLDs):

Every year Krishi Vigyan Kendra conducts several demonstrations on farmers fields on technologies released by research institutes, universities. These are mainly related to latest released varieties, agronomic management of crops, methods to control pest & diseases, technologies to increase yields, agri implements to reduce drudgery of women, technologies to reduce cost of production etc.,

The main objective of Front-Line Demonstrations is to demonstrate newly released crop production and protection technologies and its management practices in the farmers’ field under different agro-climatic regions and farming situations. While demonstrating the technologies in the farmers’ field, the scientist to study the factors contributing higher crop production, field constraints of production and thereby generate production data and feedback information. Front-Line Demonstrations are conducted in a block of two or four hectares land in order to have better impact of the demonstrated technologies on the farmers and field level extension functionaries.

FLDs – 2019-2020

  • Mechanical Harvesting in Bengalgram var. NBeG-47
  • Weed management in Direct seeded rice
  • Introduction of Bengalgram with Zero tillage in Setaria + Redgram
  • Demoon Cropping sequence Seteria – Blackgram
  • Demonstration on Nutri-cereals
  • Paired row method of planting in Maize
  • Zero tillage in Maize cultivation
  • Soil test based nutrient management in Bt cotton
  • STCR based nutrient management in Paddy
  • Zinc management in Jowar
  • Sulphur and Zinc management in Bengal gram
  • Reclamation of sodic soils with Gypsum @ 2.5 t/ha
  • IPM for Pink Boll worm in Bt cotton
  • Integrated Disease Management in Groundnut
  • Management of shoot fly in Jowar
  • Management of podfly in Redgram
  • Management of bud necrosis in Blackgram
  • Integrated Pest & Disease Management in Onion
  • Integrated Crop Management in chilli
  • Integrated Crop Management in Brinjal
  • Dry root rot management in Acid lime
  • Cultivation of Dolichos bean as alternate to traditional vegetables
  • Integrated Crop Management in Pomogranate
  • Multiple cropping systems in horticulture
  • FLD on CoFS 29 fodder
  • Supplementation of 50% GNH feed to ram lambs
  • FLD on Kadaknath Poultry
  • Supplementation of 30% BGH incorporated feed to Milch Buffaloes
  • Demonstration of cotton hand gloves
  • Demonstration of three pronged wheel hoes